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Book-KIND   "A Short Course in Kindness"
GLITTER-GLAZE   "Glitter It!" Glaze for Shoes, Bags and Fabric
Book-SF   'Sassy Feet! Paint, Embellish and LOVE Your Shoes (and Bags)!'
PAINT-PALETTE   10 Well Plastic Palette with Lid
Paint-SPONGE   4" Sea Wool Sponge for sponge painting shoes
GLITTER-AntG   Antique Gold
Glitter It-Bag   Bag of glitter
Glue-527   Beacon 527 Multi-use Glue, 2 oz tube
PAINT-584   Blue
PAINT-553B   Brass
PAINT-552BG   Bright Gold
PAINT-592   Brown
PAINT-545B   Burgundy
PAINT-543BO   Burnt Orange
PAINT-542C   Citrine
GLITTER-Cognac   Cognac
GLITTER-Cop   Copper
PAINT-544Cr   Crimson
GLITTER-CC   Crushed Crystal
GLITTER-DeepTeal   Deep Teal
TOOLS-Needles   Dritz Leather Needles (3)
GLITTER-DustyLav   Dusty Lavender
Glue-E6000   E6000 Glue, 1 oz tube
Glue-FABRITAC   Fabri-Tac fabric glue by Beacon, 2 oz bottle
Glue-APPL   Fine-Tip Glue Applicator
TOOLS-FLC   Fireline Thread (Crystal)
TOOLS-FLS   Fireline Thread (Smoke)
Glue-FRAY   Fray Check liquid seam sealant, 3/4 oz bottle
GLITTER-Fuchs   Fuchsia
GLITTER-Gunmetal   Gleaming Gunmetal
GLITTER-GLAZE-ONLY579   Glitter It Glaze Only - Without Glitter
PAINT-581   Gold Yellow
PAINT-546G   Grape
PAINT-587   Green
PAINT-556HBG   Halo Blue Gold
PAINT-555HPG   Halo Pink Gold
PAINT-557HVG   Halo Violet Gold
PAINT-547I   Indigo
PAINT-LUM   Individual Bottles of Lumiere Leather and Fabric Paint
GLITTER-Watermelon   Juicy Watermelon
PAINT-JACSET   Lumiere Exciter Pack: Nine Halo & Jewel Tone Paints
PAINT-PEARLWHITE   Lumiere Pearl White Paint for Shoes and Bags, 2.25 oz bottle
PAINT-582   Magenta (Pink)
PAINT-565MB   Metallic Bronze
PAINT-564MC   Metallic Copper
PAINT-562MOG   Metallic Olive Green
PAINT-566MR   Metallic Russet
PAINT-549MR   Metallic Rust
PAINT-563MS   Metallic Silver
TOOLS-miniclamps   Mini Spring Clamps (6)
GLITTER-Moss   Moss Green
PAINT-NEOBLACK   Neopaque Black Paint for Shoes and Bags, 2.25 oz bottle
PAINT-NEO   Neopaque Leather and Fabric Paint
GLITTER-CaribBlue   NEW!! Caribbean Blue
KIT-NEO   NEW!! Sassy Feet Mixable-Colors Kit of Neopaque Paints
GLITTER-PaleG   Pale Gold
PAINT-570PB   Pearl Blue
PAINT-572PE   Pearl Emerald
PAINT-573PM   Pearl Magenta
PAINT-571PT   Pearl Turquoise
PAINT-569PV   Pearl Violet
GLITTER-Peri   Peridot
GLITTER-PetalPink   Petal Pink
PAINT-551P   Pewter
GLITTER-ReallyRed   Really Red
PAINT-583   Red
GLITTER-RoyalP   Royal Purple
KIT-AFFIX-IT   Sassy Feet 'Affix It' Kit for Attaching Embellishments and Trim
PAINT-SEALER   Sassy Feet acrylic sealer, 2 oz bottle
KIT-ESSENTIALS   Sassy Feet Essentials Kit
Video-101   Sassy Feet! Video Workshop 101
PAINT-BRUSHPACK   Set of 4 Soft Brushes for Painting Shoes
GLITTER-SizzO   Sizzling Orange
GLITTER-SpSilver   Sparkling Silver
GLITTER-Starlet   Starlet
PAINT-554SG   Sunset Gold
Glue-ULTIMATE   The Ultimate glue by Crafter's Pick, 4 oz. bottle
PAINT-550TG   True Gold
PAINT-585   Turquoise
GLITTER-Ultramarine   Ultramarine
PAINT-586   Violet
PAINT-589   White
PAINT-580   Yellow

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