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Sassy Feet acrylic sealer, 2 oz bottle March 6, 2017
Sealer did the job nicely.

Fabulous product--works like a charm! January 29, 2017
Sealer worked well--I could not believe how easy and simple the process is!!!

thanks a bunch--

Worked well October 4, 2016
Needed to revive some expensive sandals.  Got great advice and service from Margot. Would not hesitate to use again!

Acrilic sealer August 20, 2016
Good product , plenty left for another job. Could have bought at hardware in larger quanity, but did not want a large bottle sitting around.

Sassy Feet acrylic sealer August 8, 2016
Sealed the paint and sparkle in perfect for my leather bracelets.

Super Shiny June 27, 2016
The acrylic made my shoes super shiny which is what I wanted. Very easy to apply.

Acrylic Sealer June 26, 2016
Works perfect. Only this would be to have this packed in more layer as mine had leaked some in shipping.

Anyone can do this April 11, 2016
After watching the video, anyone can do this. I think the paint manufacturer could make the bottles smaller, however. I don't know when I will use it again.

Perfect finishing touch! November 23, 2015
Protects and gives a great shine!

Shiny! October 21, 2015
This was the perfect cap for my project.  My silver and red painted boots are now almost as shiny as the silver plastic gogo boots I used as a reference!

A little bit more instruction in your hints section might be useful... I did have to be careful about small bubbles forming during the application.

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