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Love Sassy Feet products May 29, 2017
I am always looking for good brands and customer service. This product works. I love to create my own unique looks. I can do this with Sassy Feet.

Crimson Cover June 27, 2016
I had a dress that I needed red shoes. I bought a  black pair on sale at Payless and painted them and it turned out beautifully. It took four coats to get it covered but that went fast and it was fun. I got tons of complements on the shoes.

Lovely paint November 23, 2015
Whether by itself or for a base for the glitter, this paint covers beautifully, has gorgeous, rich color, and wears incredibly well.

Still a star October 21, 2015
Thus is the second time I used the NeoPaque and I'm still a happy customer. The red is a perfect match to some bright red PVC fabric I bought for another part of my project.

Good Paint August 15, 2015
Paint worked great and spread well - like nail polish!

Customer Service and Product August 8, 2015
I commend Sassy Feet on the exceptional customer service provided. My products were received in a timely manner. I loved the red paint received! I am excited to  see the results of the white paint which is being replaced for the Pealescent White Paint.

Great results every time! July 28, 2015
This time I ordered the red color paint to copy the design I found on line for my granddaughter 's cosplay.  I purchased a royal blue faux leather jacket (very cheap) and painted the design and with a little adjustment to the style and shape of the jacket it looks just like the $150 jacket we found on line.
Thank you Sassy Feet for a great product!

Took some coats March 24, 2015
It took 4 coats of the red to cover my dark brown boots, but red paint in general doesn't cover on walls, so maybe it's the same thing with the shoes.  Anyway, they ended up looking great and the 4th coat was just to even out the look.  My husband didn't think it would work, and he was very, very surprised how great they ended up!  I've always wanted red boots, and for little expense, I have finally have them!

Beautiful colors! November 23, 2014
This paint was amazing! Beautiful colors, easy to use, and water soluble, so easy to clean brushes and wash off your hands etc.

Better for when you want to touch up regular shoes or make a more subtle statement than the shinier paints.

Great Paint September 19, 2014
I bought this and the pearl white paint after purchasing other paint from the Sassy Feet web site. I love the look of painted leather especially purses but the price of such is too dear for my purse. Instead I"ve bought used tooled leather bags and paint the designs already on them. Your paints are fabulous to work with and look beautiful when don.Another woman and I gave a demo to members of my  art club that went over very well. I used the Sassy Feet book for inspiration and to give ideas about trim, etc. The photos knocked everyone over. Thank you for publishing such a grand book and for such pertinent materials to use.

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