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"Glitter it!" August 8, 2016
Love this product definitely will be buying it again

Wonderful! November 23, 2015
I've used this for years, and I can't speak highly enough of it. The glitter is beautiful, sparkly and fine and it DOES NOT SHED. It's a miracle!

Glitter is Gorgeous! August 3, 2015
Just when I thought I had encountered all the fabulousness that upstyling shoes with Lumiere paint and by covering with fabric had to offer - along comes Glitter It Glaze!  I have glittered 9 pair of shoes and they are all sensational, so unique and gorgeous!  

I'm thrilled that Sassy Feet guarantee that Glittery It Glaze! will not shed, peel or crack, having tried a glitter shoe project once before and had glitter 'dandruff' everywhere!

Truly fabulous, thank you again for your wonderful products, advice and inspiration!

Great product March 24, 2015
Product was excellent easy to work with and very easy clean up. After the 3 day cure time product was put to the test.... The glitter it was applied to tap shoes that went thru a very long and extensive routine. I was very happy to see there was no flaking,chipping or peeling. Thumps up!!!

What a great idea September 5, 2014
This stuff really transforms your shoes and so easy to apply,will definitely buy from you again.

Thank you

Great! June 16, 2014
Works great, doesn't crack, glitter doesn't fall off!

Gorgeous stuff! June 2, 2014
I bought two jars of Glitter It! and mixed then. My color ratio was 100% of the Dusty Lavender and 75% of the Gleaming Gunmetal.  I did four super thin coats and I still have tons left!!  I finished them with the recommended Sassy Feet sealer.

The resulting color matches the heel and binding of my worn out pale purple Uggs PERFECTLY, and I love the muted, industrial feel that the gunmetal added. Great product too; nothing is worse than glitter clump (the kind that Mod Podge tends to create), and I had zero problems with Glitter It!  I'm confident it will hold up, too.

Glitter It! March 4, 2014
Easy to apply with excellent results.  Very happy with this product and will definatly buy it again.

excellent to deal with, September 28, 2013
just want to say I received my order, and i'm very happy with it.
It's every thing I expected it to be. can't wait to apply the paint to some shoes I have.

I LOVE GLITTER! Sassy Feet makes it super easy to use their glitter and glaze. I have done many shoes with glitter and I'm awed by how much fun stuff can be done with it. So easy to mix and paint on, dries quickly and then the glaze just makes it sparkle. I've found all kinds of ways to use this glitter and it always looks pretty.

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