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Sassy Feet! Video Workshop 101 Neopaque Leather and Fabric Paint
Our Price: $19.95


Sassy Feet video workshop on painting shoes and handbags
Our one hour video workshop covers all the basics of painting shoes and bags Click on the photo to see all our colors! Bright top-quality paint for leather, manmade leather and fabric shoes and bags

"Glitter It!" Glaze for Shoes, Bags and Fabric NEW!! Sassy Feet Mixable-Colors Kit of Neopaque Paints

Our Price: $31.95

Permanent sparkling glitter for shoes and bags
Ultra-sparkly glitter glaze for shoes that WON'T SHED, crack, or peel. A Sassy Feet exclusive!
A great kit of the five basic colors you need to mix any color you want for painting shoes and bags. Includes color recipes and a bottle of Sassy Feet Acrylic Sealer -- a must.

Sassy Feet Essentials Kit Lumiere Exciter Pack: Nine Halo & Jewel Tone Paints
Our Price: $44.95

Our Price: $14.95

A great gift for yourself or a friend who loves shoes -- and bags! $3 off suggested retail price

Each bottle covers an entire pair of shoes - up to three coats!

Thanks for visiting us here at the site for turning old or unloved shoes and handbags into wonderful new accessories!

We've been teaching women (and the occasional brave man) how to paint and embellish their shoes and bags for more than five years now -- and we love what we do!

We started this site to provide a source for all the paints, glitter glaze and other supplies we use in our classes and write about in our book, Sassy Feet. We've also added kits for creating our most popular shoe designs and some of our own one-of-a-kind painted and embellished purses.

For extra fun, take a stroll through our blog, Glitter Sweatshop, where we talk about our latest shoe and handbag designs -- including step-by-step instructions on how to do them yourself -- and we show off photos of the creations our fans have come up with. No yada yada about our children, pets or illnesses. Just shoes, shoes, shoes -- and handbags! More than 40,000 people have visited our blog -- we hope you'll come visit!

Enjoy your visit and write us if you have questions or want to see other products added! and

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